Morgan Tobiasson

Morgan proved himself a brilliant leader and a hero when push came to shove during the St. May Incident. However, that is all behind him now, as he's finally returning to his hometown of Windholm for some much-needed rest. These days, Morgan has gone from a quiet, but stoic man to a socially sequestered recluse with odd habits. He avoids the streetlights he once stared at for hours, has developed a strong aversion to cotton, and generally acts as if he was just dropped into the world unprepared for it.

Most people can only ever get ahold of him by going through his loving companion, and fellow veteran, Farelie. Although, these days, she does most of the talking on his behalf. On the rare chance you catch him alone, he comes of as affable, but distant. Most who have met him attribute these eccentricities to his time in the service. He's trying to be more open, but as of right now, Farelie is his only haven when to him the world just became alien and hard to understand. Hopefully he gets better!

Farelie Willani

In a room full of people, you'd be hard-pressed not to notice Morgan's other half. Farelie is always a joy to talk to, knows everything medicinal and loves knowing more. The St. May Incident did very little to put her down emotionally, if anything she's now more resolved to use her regenerative skills to help others. Maybe she feels some responsibility, maybe it is her sense of duty, but she'll willingly sprint into open gunfire to aid the injured - personal costs to her be damned. It's a good thing she's going home, away from it all. She needs this break as much as Morgan does. Like her Mom used to say, home is where the heart is! She's long overdue for a romcom marathon with Morgan, and he's not getting away this time.

Sten Cobb

An old member of Morgan's so-called 'gang', Sten is eager to please and ecstatic to have his friend back after all these years. There's simply too much time to make up for! He's never hurt anyone, let alone with his trusted bat, but this does little to help people feel at ease around him. Just ask any of the old sailors around, they'll tell you; 'The boy ain't all there. Never was.' He's a hard man to anger, but boy does it leave an impression when he does snap. When not at work at Strobes, he's perched on his porch waiting for his folks to let him in and waving at passers-by. They respectfully respond to his enthusiastic greetings and yet feel sorry for - and wary of - the young man.

Honda Bateman

The other member of Morgan's 'gang'. By day he works tech support at Strobes, the local electronics store, and by night he complains online how the west is burning because he saw an overweight guy in the store that day. He didn't always smoke, but when he got a job to debug the library computers his hand was forced.

He's a self-proclaimed expert "time traveler", after coasting the past 5 years in pure jaded aloofness with little to show for it.

Despite this, he is smart enough to weasel out of trouble, although, lacking the dedication to utilize his mind at anything constructive in long terms. The only exception to this is his job, where he might not be the most enthusiastic employee but store-goers appreciate his tech-savvy.

Ernest "EL" Lecter

EL moved in town a few years ago as a franchisee for the Strobes' Electronics chain business. The local mechanic shop had been closed for some time, so its' trusted machinery and rustic interiors were ripped out and filled in with rows of neat acrylic shelves stocked with every manner of electronic doohickey. Exceedingly competent and quick to adapt and improvise, one wonders how he ended up stuck in a small town of barely five hundred people. As Sten and Honda's boss, he seemed to adopt an almost father-like attitude to the pair of young men. While he dresses like he sells used sedans at a premium, people find that he is surprisingly well-informed, often to a frightening degree depending on the subject matter.

Hayden Deigh

You'd think the burden of running the town after his father, the recently-retired mayor of Windholm, would get to Hayden, but he's been surprisingly lucky so far. Sickeningly lucky. Utilities need fixing, standards need to be met, and most importantly taxes need to be paid. It's an incredibly tall order to keep everything running smoothly with so little resources, but he's trying his best. Sadly, these days the utilities are barely running, standards tend to be overlooked, and people are getting desperate. And yet Hayden has a stupifying lucky streak to barely avoid catastrophe, every time. Things certainly aren't good, but they just seem to work out while he's in office. Something of a living insurance policy. Whether he's the best guy for the job or the best tool for the job is up for internal debate.

Dume Deigh

Hayden's beleaguered twin sister and the only other member of city council. With a friendly yet cautious agreeableness, her go-to advice and strategy in any given predicament is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It's usually the worst, however, as she has fleeting control over her affliction, a curse of bewilderingly rotten luck rivaled only by Hayden's positive fortune. As a result, all of Dume's hopes and plans are built on a foundation of sand, and are blown away under the slightest bit of turbulence. What would otherwise be a natural defense mechanism is twisted by fear of failure and then perpetuated by fear of itself into a cycle of calamity that follows her.

Tragically, the cycle applies to Dume's personal and private relations. Lend an ear to Dume and you'll quickly find yourself as her new favorite person. Unfortunately you'll also quickly find any relation more intimate than 'associate' means active danger. Her lucky charms she holds dearly make little difference to help. The following calamity just isn't worth it and forces you away. The cycle continues.

Lyra Kepler

As an agent of the state, Lyra Kepler may seem lackadaisical. Fellow agents have pointed out her lack of decorum, going as far as to treat her Comms/Electronic Technician as a pet, feeding it oily snacks and naming it 'Mineo' much to the chagrin of the IT department. That isn't to say she doesn't take her work seriously. Rather, she feels as though the work that she's been relegated to is beneath her, stuck on permanent desk jockey status. In truth Lyra is a very capable agent, with multiple awards and commendations to her name.

Lyra was immediately demoted on ██████ after discovery of her relation with ███████████████, instigator of █████████████████ in St. May. Her superiors have deemed her too valuable an asset to lose, but have nonetheless chosen to play it safe. From ███████ reports, ███████ and Agent Kepler were █████████████████████. Agent Kepler has since denied involvement in the event, and her clearance level dropped to ████. Until Agent Kepler's integrity is verified she is relegated to █ grade assignments, mostly auditing work for city governments.

Dori Willani

When you ask Dori's neighbors about her, they'll say she's nice and then feel guilty they have nothing else to add. Maybe you'll get a comment about her kind mother or an anecdote from her childhood, but little else. She's just that quiet, shy, lonely looking girl that works at the library. Maybe they should reach out sometime, invite her to something. Ask her about her favorite books. Get recommendations. Everyone would like that. Yeah.

These are all nice thoughts, but she's been missing for two days and nobody's noticed.