About Us

What is all this?

We're Cavemanon Studio, and our aim is to create not just a single game but open up a brand new game studio. Who're Cavemanon? Well, we are an up and coming indie team comprised of many members from around the world. You may have heard of us due to a certain dinosaur-themed visual novel we just recently put out to some small acclaim called Snoot Game. Regardless, we at Cavemanon wish to forge experiences that are both fun to play and yet leave a profound impact on all those who experience them

For Cavemanon's next foray into the world of game development, we plan to pull out all the stops and craft a narrative with what we learned during the development of our last project. This upcoming story promises an in-depth tale full of trials and tribulation, charming and complex characters, and an adventure equal parts strange yet endearing and engaging. With this project, we wish to go further than ever and push our narrative and artistic skills to the next level.

Ultimately, Cavemanon aims to tackle a story that is both far outside the realm of imagination and yet resonate with players through it's characters.