What is Exit 665?

Morgan Tobiasson, along with his girlfriend Farelie Willani are finally returning to their old hometown of Windholm after a half-decade away. The two seek a return to normalcy after all they had been through in military service. However, there is something amiss within the otherwise peaceful town. A missing person, strange occurrences, and a disastrous ride down a gondola that takes Morgan to an eldritch locale that by all rights shouldn't exist, all tied together in a mystery that will shatter any hope of living that idyllic life.
Use powerful tandem attacks with your party members.
Sometimes you can't fight your way out.
Sometimes you will need to think your way out of deadly situations by listening to team members and putting plans into action.
In-between dungeon exploration, there's experiencing Morgan's day to day life as he reacquaints himself with his hometown and old friends.
Morgan's growth and actions as a leader will lead friends, family, and hometown to victory and survival, or crushing tragedy.
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